My continual pray for all my students

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

As ye are burning,
In mid night oil,
I write these words,
To comfort thee in toil.

Let thy courage my dear,
Ever grow higher and high,
For infront of courage,
All barrier do die.

I am proud of thy performance,
And I am sure ye shall win,
Just a bit more effort,
For the path is uphill.

Don't waver a bit,
Never think ye shall fail,
Just win over fears, Aand ye shall prevail.

When problems grow tougher,
When courage doth fail,
Ask the Lord to help thee,
And ye shall prevail,

Keep praying my dear,
When fears try to grip,
And prayers asked in faith,
shall help thee go up Hill

I am sure thy path,
Is hard and harsh,
Yet I'll keep on praying,
Till ye pass all marsh.

Let thy candle of faith,
Ever grow brighter than bright,
Till the son of God,
May brighten every side.

My money can't buy
All my poems
This Jacob is Israel.

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