He made the shadow retreat

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

He made the shadow retreat, 

I can see the same in my life 

No shadow didst retreat

Yet He added year's to my life. 

Once again I thank Him 

For intervening In my life 

Proud of His protection 

Proud of his gift called life 

Every day is a celebration for me 

I have tasted His protection every time 

I can't say it was a coincidence 

For such grace  is given to me every time 

Thank God you have opened mine eyes 

I can see see your hands every time 

What a strong security that never fails 

What a great protection that always prevails 

Why did I write this poem? because God saved me from electrocution.

Note: The retreating shadow is mentioned in the Bible, a king was very sick he was about to die, a prophet came to him and said that you shall not die but Live. The king found it hard to believe this so he asked for a sign the prophet gave him the sign of shadow to retreat backward which can never happen without divine intervention.

R.A . Jacob

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