Retaining Energies

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

Conserve your energies and be stronger and happier for life’s struggles and fights
Conflicts occur for we all have are own ideas about what is right

Despite conflicts be kind to yourself and be your own best friend
This way you will have peace inside until the end

Decided what you want from life while you walk on life’s path
Don’t try to understand everything in life for no human can do all the math

Live in the present and you will have a clear mind
Leave problems outside and to yourself be so very kind

The world can only be what it is so don’t get in its way
You can’t live in the past or tomorrow, you can only live for today

Convert problems into peace and make our world a better place
Do what you have to do to compete in life’s race

Have clarity of mind as your goal, for we all get off track and can be wrong
Harness your animal tendencies, living in peace we are so strong

Retain some of your energies don’t give them all away
Think pleasant thoughts and then you will have a great day!

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