That Song

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

With a drink and a smoke, as he sits at the bar
A tune it creeps out, from his old style guitar
The words he does sing, as the room it falls quiet
In an old fashioned pub, on a warm summer night

A small crowd to start, became more and more
As from outside they walked, and in through the door
The pub lights they dimmed, and the atmosphere grew
A harmonica joined, with a chap dressed in blue

The barmen were busy, and the drinks were pouring
Landlord was smiling, for trade was roaring
Songs were sung, and instruments did play
Their debut performance, a first class display

Then this song they sang, and quietness it fell
Eyes they glanced, a real kiss-and-tell
So drawn was the crowd, as the lyrics sank in
With emotion this guy, did sombrely sing

He sang of love, and the pitfalls it brings
Where he hopes to find, and to this hope he clings
That she makes up her mind, the love of his life
Who just happened to be, the landlord’s wife

The drinks stopped flowing, and the crowd did choose
As the landlord appeared, to be blowing a fuse
To leave the pub, and what was about to ensue
Left behind just the band, and of barmen two

The doors were locked, and the barmen were tasked
With serving the drinks, for whatever was asked
The man dressed in blue, laid his harmonica down
And over his face, developed a frown

His friend the singer, the man with guitar
Was now stood up, arm on the bar
I’ll have a whisky and ice, for the lady a gin
And on his face, spread a wide grin

The woman in question, at the foot of the stairs
Was either brave or stupid, she had no cares
She removed the ring, and at her husband tossed
Divorce was looming, whatever the cost

Time for one more song, the guitar man spoke
The fellow in blue, did almost choke
Behind the bar, the landlord did walk
And quietly to his barmen, slowly did talk

The barmen soon left, now it was people just four
In a back street pub, down on the ground floor
That bloke dressed in blue, the one that almost did choke
Was given a drink, a vodka and coke

The air was quiet, in fact it was silent
But soon things would, indeed become violent
From beneath the bar, from nowhere appeared
The band and the woman, they now greatly feared

But time for sure, was not on their side
Harmonica fell first, and soon he had died
Guitar player next, the last string was strung
Last orders at the bar, the bell had been rung

She stood frightened and cold, painfully shivering
Waiting to see, what he was delivering
A bullet with her name, engraved on the side
But in this tale of love, she weren’t the last to have died

As she fell to the floor, and in agony did die
He looked at her, with a tear in his eye
You shouldn’t have cheated, you cheap rancid bitch
Suddenly his finger, developed an itch

He poured a brandy, his final drink
And then he fell, to his knees did sink
With pistol at head, though he knew it was wrong
Pulled the trigger, all because of that song

Hijacked And Hollowed
The Maltese Falcon Vol VI
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