The Files

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The files came forth, albeit many years late
And they clearly seem, to have sealed your fate
There can be no doubt, indeed for long I have felt
That you had to me, a bad hand dealt

I’ve read all the files, turned all the pages
Checked all the angles, been through all the stages
No rock left unturned, all details revealed
There’s no hiding place, no secrets concealed

Transcripts were written, from which so much was learned
Upon reading the history, bridges will be burned
Stark revelations, dishonest remarks
Uncharted waters, circling the sharks

To deflect attention, to lay the blame elsewhere
This was indeed, a sordid affair
Allegations were made, didn’t care who you hurt
Just as long as you, could attention divert

When you received the visits, you came up with excuses
An attempt to cover, the hideous abuses
Spouses were abroad, children football training
Never lost for words, no fear of explaining

Then that day it came, when you realised all was not well
The tide had turned, a stormy swell
Fear appeared, in your eyes and mine
A tinder box, a deadly landmine

But your primary concern, was financial gain
At whatever the cost, you must money obtain
But this was a game, which you played very wrong
Out of your depth, you did not belong

Risking the life, of an innocent child
Pushing him down, making him wild
And all simply for, that thing called money
Amounts to pure evil, it’s just not funny

The authorities too, were equal to blame
No smoke without fire, they were the flame
They ignored the rules, disregarded the law
The life of the child, became further poor

The negligent theme, of those ignorant acts
Is document clear, I have the facts
Now is the time, for me to attack
Where I seek redemption, get my own back

Your reputation, it means nothing to me
You knew what you were doing, you could clearly see
It was me that was hurt, and I was deeply scarred
The moral high ground you strutted, on the boulevard

The authorities too, have a price to pay
They will have no choice, but hear what I say
I will fight for the children, of the future and past
I wasn’t the first, and won’t be the last

You must have always hoped, that those files would never appear
The murky past it would, remain unclear
How your bones must have shuddered, and your nerves they jangled
As you realised the truth, precariously dangled

The authorities too, were walking on ice
Quick on the uptake, of legal advice
Initially fought, but to out of Court settle
The scorpion sting, a very sharp nettle

This message will be used, for all children in care
So spread the word, these words please share
If there were errors in the past, or faults today
Get your case files, and have your say

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