Black Gold

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The end of an era, the end of an age
A new chapter open, the turn of a page
The riches of oil, a country so wealthy
Success for all, everyone healthy

The downturn came, it was never expected
Oil was the target, specifically selected
Like a lead balloon, the price it dropped
Upon black gold, the economy propped

The nationalist government, with the socialist theme
Had its guts ripped out, destroyed its dream
Everything was paid for, by the trickle from the sea
To suggest it’s all over, an absurdity

Realisation sank in, when people began to starve
No milk to drink, no meat to carve
Water and rice, became the staple meal
Black gold had become, the Achilles heel

The Government floundered, a country in ruin
Opposition rising, trouble was brewing
But the problem was, people were unable to eat
Contentment replaced, with starvation complete

Government blamed, corrupt powers from abroad
Of oil they had cut, the umbilical cord
They had envy were jealous, of the country’s wealth
Like a plague of locusts, poured scorn on its health

The very same Government, which had detached itself from the world
Had erected barriers, and venom unfurled
Needed help, but seemed unable to swallow its pride
How many people, had needlessly died

We have a problem, much closer to home
Where our neighbour Scotland, wants the Union disown
They’ll survive on their own, as they have no doubt
That the North Sea oil, has some massive clout

Although the British would ensure, that starvation would never exist
The Scottish Government, on independence persist
Nicola Sturgeon, has an immense amount of pride
But on the strength of oil, has too much relied

Now we know that Scotland, has much more to offer
From the delights of Haggis, to the whisky coffer
Alexander Graham Bell, and his famous telephone
John Logie Baird, watch the TV at home

The beautiful sunny beaches, on the north Caithness coast
The Grampians and Highlands, the beauty they boast
Sir Alexander Fleming, penicillin discovered
Not just beauty but brains, to the world uncovered

So if they have to make a choice, for another union to leave
I hope they truly, in their hearts believe
The European model, is a completely different question
Comparison to the UK, impossible suggestion

The UK is simply, the strongest union ever
Will be a very sad day, if Scotland chooses to sever
These famous links, where we are proud and strong
And over many occasions, have proved the world wrong

Perhaps Venezuela, and those terrible times
Will ring a few bells, produce a few chimes
You cannot just on oil, for your economy depend
I hope my message, will alarm bells send

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