A Haven Of Hope

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

In this present day and age, we all feel the tensions
Whether a career professional, or those drawing pensions
A roof over your head, putting dinner on the table
We should all have food, not live in a stable

The number one priority, is for the family to feed
Where caution should outweigh, the old habit of greed
Pull the purse strings in, be modest not flash
Stay within budget, and be careful with cash

Then we have the utilities, electric gas and water
Rent or mortgage, bricks and mortar
Furniture is needed, a table and chair
Clothing’s essential, something to wear

So here’s the dilemma, where I hear people moan
Many complain, a constant groan
I can’t afford that, and I can’t provide this
But it doesn’t add up, is something amiss

Take the single men, who benefits receive
Who are they kidding, themselves do deceive
The standard week pay, for those on JSA
Is about seventy-three pounds, paid on a weekday

They have most council tax paid, and also the rent
In their JSA money, the tiniest dent
The rest is for food, and that’s more than enough
For the staple products, and a little bonus stuff

Luxuries should be, a thing of the past
They’re never a given, or in stone cast
Especially if you’re living, on money from the state
This opinion by me, many will hate

The parents with children, who have on benefits to rely
May find it much harder, for food to supply
Things are not so easy, there is no margin for error
This is where worry, can turn into terror

Then the parents who work, on a low paid wage
Do structure their money, stage by stage
Paying into the system, they do the right thing
But hardship this often, will sadly bring

Thus enter the food bank, a haven of hope
Designed to assist, those who struggle to cope
A person’s generosity, to aid another one’s need
The difference of starving, or able to feed

So I don’t always buy the argument, that people can’t afford
To feed themselves properly, or pay their board
Because in the United Kingdom, we have a system in place
Which takes many from starvation, and gives breathing space

I guess the point I’m making, is when people abuse
The food bank system, which they can when they choose
Claim to be struck with the plague, or to be robbed of all money
They then get free food, and they think this is funny

These are the very same people, who choose to of course
Buy drugs or fags, drink or bet on a horse
Before they find food, they then poverty claim
Naturally of course, it’s the Government to blame

What makes it worse, are the Parliamentary MPs
Who often to these scroungers, patronise and please
By claiming that poverty, on them can’t be blamed
That the UK Government, be embarrassed and shamed

Where help is needed, help should be given
Not overlooked, this should be forbidden
But we shouldn’t be tricked, where help is abused
Checks should be made, and where right refused

The food bank is glorious, and is there to prevent
Hunger and hardship, not cheats who are hell bent
To stay in their beds, not bother to work
To drink and smoke, and gamble berserk

Food in the UK, is comparably cheap
There should be no hunger, no need to lose sleep
If you’re single and on benefits, you have no reason to complain
Enough money is given, you can’t poverty feign

Pull in the reins, and just buy for your needs
Cut out the luxuries, prune out all the weeds
Look for a job, and soon you will find
That those who give to the food bank, indeed are so kind

The percentage of users, who are genuine and true
Is a shameful figure, far too few
It’s a terrible shame, of a wonderful cause
Let’s hope this greed, doesn’t shut its doors

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