a poem by Mariam Gabrielle, United Arab Emirates

In moments like this, there’s no other option but HOPE.
Hope has been an ally until I am able to cope.
Colors are everywhere, somehow I believe it’s still there.
My nose are clogged but yes I can still breathe some air.

People passing sometimes not noticing someone sobbing
People dancing not seeing someone is throbbing.
People laugh out loud not minding others are not okay.
People keep on going not knowing that they get astray.

Hard headed shall receive their verdict
Stubborn heart shall bear the after effect.
Blind eyes will see no hue
Deaf ears will hear a rue.

Raging roar causes deafening silence.
Tremor and tremble instigate intense.
How long it is to keep on waiting for something
How immeasurable it is to count on nothing.

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