Ray of light

a poem by Mariam Gabrielle, United Arab Emirates

Happiness is a choice not an outcome
It doesn’t matter even if you have high income.
It is manifested on what you believe in.
What your priority is and what’s within.

However it’s not as easy as what we say
Dreams from realities usually end up in dismay.
Life is tough, rough, hurting and daunting
Mostly things come up complicated and depressing.

What do we get from believing?  A Heartbreak?
A wound cut inside us that we need to bear and take.
It leaves you deeply in pain and forsaken
Can’t breathe, can’t talk, incapable to break in.

So what does faith in store for me?
Will there be sunlight for me to see?
Or just a haze, a blur that just ditch me in confusion?
Will there be a gleam of hope that will come for my redemption?

I want to believe that things are going to be okay
That God will give me a chance and open the doorway.
I want to say that I see a glimpse of light
A promise that all will be well, fair and bright.

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