Hold on

a poem by Mariam Gabrielle, United Arab Emirates

Pain pain go away
Hoping you will leave my way..
I wish it’s easy to say like that
But life is like a mega hot pot.

Many will put you down
Some will leave you with a frown.
Some will feast on your defeat
But be brave and don’t retreat.

Then you realize that one day
A lot of your friends didn’t stay
The once big circle you had
Is now small, little and tad.

Life is so interesting and challenging
Full of sadness, difficulties and suffering.
Sometimes you find yourself in total darkness
Just hang on, God will see you through, I promise.

Indeed, life is like a roller coaster
Be still and hold on tighter.
You have to weather every storm
Fathom what’s best to perform.

You may feel blue and no one is there to help you out
Simply pray because God will carry you without a doubt.
Gold becomes gold when it’s tested with fire
Wisdom after ordeals is what you will acquire.

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