The Bridge Of Sighs

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Bitten fingernails, hands running through hair
Heart thumping, but I really do care
Eyes flow tears, hairs stand up on end
I really do care, this message I send

Often I look, at the days gone by
Lost for words, resigned I sigh
Just what went wrong, it should never have been
So dark a time, an era unclean

The years have passed, but the stain remains
Shaking heads, all hope it drains
But the heart still thumps, the love is still there
Of one thing I’m sure, I really do care

Minds can change, and opinions alter
Not every lamb, is led to slaughter
Hope is divine, the end is not nigh
Deep in dismay, I continue to sigh

Then our eyes they meet, I dreamed of this day
I almost knelt, and began to pray
Convinced was I, we could start again
Then you shot, the arrow of pain

No chance had I, and you made it clear
That I should go, just disappear
Future had passed, and the past returned
But the Bridge of Sighs, had not been burned

So I’m solemn and sad, bewildered and lost
The pain is sharp, a brutal cost
I continue to sigh, with my head hung low
That you did not allow, this love to grow

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