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a poem by Myrna Martin, USA

Emotional pain left unchecked, can transform someone into someone else...the person they were not meant to be, but forced to become. And with that, also comes scars. Painful, keloid, scars...
The power of words, hurtful or otherwise have weight to them.

If we dont believe we are WORTHY to be loved, we will accept things that should not be. We will think that is what we DESERVE, what we should settle for!
I am here to tell you, NOPE!!

I know, I have been there. But thank God, I believe that while OUR pasts SHAPE US, ill words do not define us. ONLY, IF WE ALLOW IT!!

It took me years to figure that out and heal. I REALIZED, I AM IN CHARGE OF MY FUTURE, I AM! And with that comes peace. A peaceful home, my safe haven. The courage to change, and succeed. To know that I can. Why? Because the only person stopping me, was me!! If I want better, I have to do that. If I want my circumstances to change, I can do that. I do not need anyone to rescue me. I realized I had to rescue myself. From a bad relationship, negative thinking. Etc.... but I will tell you this, God was there guiding me.. and through his grace I have realized that I am worthy. Capable of being in a healthy relationship. Living where I want, making changes for the better... It is called Courage!! IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU. WE CAN STAY STUCK IN THE PAST, OR MOVE FORWARD. I choose moving forward, I hope you do too!! All my love, Myrna

@2016 Myrna Martin

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