The Boy On The Beach

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Chlorine and explosions, nerve and mustard gas
Uncontrolled murder, deaths en-masse
Fright and terror, hopeless and scare
People they tremble, lost in despair

Questions must be asked, answers must be found
Nothing to be hidden, driven underground
Civilian lives, unscrupulously taken
Time for the world, to this horror awaken

Dictators stand firm, ignorant and proud
Listened to intently, by an obeying crowd
With no one to answer, no need to explain
Should anyone object, it’s an evil pain

Foreign powers, they come into play
Often exclaiming, they will save the day
Closer examination, it reveals different ideas
Unbelievable scenes, fuel civilian fears

Civilians are forced, for decisions to make
Run to safety, this chance to take
The easiest route, is to cross the water
It’s last chance saloon, escape from slaughter

Or do they stay, in the land of their birth
A gamble indeed, but what is it worth
Shrapnel in the back, losing leg and limb
Chance for survival, perilously slim

The immigrant crisis, has invoked much feeling
Out of control, there is no ceiling
Europeans complain, it’s like a tidal flood
On the hands of someone, there is much blood

A terrible issue, no easy solution
But we’re dealing with people, it’s not a pollution
And it really comes home, when you see that child
The nerves are touched, and it drives you wild

Russians and the Syrians, the NATO troops
Turks and the Kurds, all generic groups
Need to come together, and remove this hate
To replace Asad, defeat Islamic State

Otherwise the people, will continue to travel
Like a plague of locusts, will rapidly unravel
Heading westbound, to European lands
Searching for safety, the ultimate plans

What’s touched my heart, and makes me think
Are children whose life, is on the brink
It isn’t their fault, yet the price they pay
An easy target, for the enemy to slay

Most will remember, the boy on the beach
A hurtful lesson, this war should teach
Disabled children, by imperial command
Should be killed and rid, a despot’s demand

I listen not, to counterclaim
Of who is at fault, or who is to blame
The Russians and NATO, Turkey and Iran
President Asad, or Kurdistan

Asad must go, there can be no doubt
Islamic State, must be wiped out
But while we strive, to achieve these aims
Save the children, from these evil war games

Syria must be returned, to a land of peace
The warfare stop, the murders cease
Wise heads are needed, cool direction a must
From this land of brutality, it must adjust

The removal of Asad, should be acted upon fast
A new government installed, in iron cast
Support from NATO, security imposed
Things will be easier, with dictator deposed

But lessons must be learned, from yesterday
Where regime change, created dismay
Unstable control, continual unrest
No repeat, the ultimate test

Look at Libya, look at Iraq
War torn countries, they have the plaque
Factions within, assume control
The caliphate starts, its onward role

Islamic State, Al Qaeda to boot
Take the stage, they plant their foot
Radicalisation, humanity deserted
Syria cannot, to this be converted

Putin of Russia, and NATO control
Must change direction, search their soul
This isn’t the first, and won’t be the last
Lessons must be learned, from errors past

Cockleshells on beaches, children playing in surf
Humane and decent, pure gold it’s worth
Relentless bombing, a thing of no more
Push Islamic State, through the trapdoor

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