a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Gravestones they stand, like a platoon of soldiers
In ultimate tribute, permanent boulders
Rank and file, a memorial salute
To those who have fallen, each and every recruit

We stop and observe, as round the cemetery we walk
Voices kept low, respectfully talk
Epitaphs are read, as much pride is felt
The cruellest of fates, they were certainly dealt

The land of Malta, so much slaughter
In Holland silence, governed by violence
Belgium and France, reduced to a trance
The Norwegian mountains, had blood spilling fountains

Hitler he boasted, the Third Reich must prevail
The Luftwaffe flew, and Bismarck set sail
Mussolini teamed up, the Italian dagger
Cavorted to Rome, with an arrogant swagger

Churchill reacted, from the skies and the beaches
With naval support, as history teaches
London was bombed, Coventry too
The wartime deaths, just grew and grew

Forget not the Americans, they played a pivotal role
Canadians too, did the Allies console
Australia and New Zealand, the antipodean force
Helped also to change, of the war its course

The sub-continent also, threw its hat in the ring
Our jewel in the crown, much support did bring
India fought, to stop the enemy’s surge
The Nepalese Gurkhas, did many a purge

The airmen and soldiers, not forgetting the sailors
They did they best, to ensure not to fail us
Resistance groups too, indeed did strive
For enemy defeat, and humanity survive

So as you walk through this graveyard, for a moment pause
They surrendered their lives, for a wonderful cause
Without their efforts, it may be fair to say
That you just might, not be here today

Those gravestones stand tall, as they are shining lights
Hairs stand on end, so touching the sights
Always remember, and never forget
To these brave servicemen, we owe a great debt

The Boy On The Beach
The Maltese Falcon Vol VI

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