a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Through a patchwork of fields, a long winding road
Isolated ponds, a frog and a toad
The sheep they are grazing, of rabbits a flurry
In nature’s world, no one’s in a hurry

The idle cows, around pastures tread
A horse on hay, contented is fed
Birds in trees, they build their nests
Nicely prepared, for new-born guests

Bees tackle flowers, on nectar they feed
Stickleback in water, disguised by a reed
The sun is rich, and radiates heat
So sedate is life, on nature’s street

The rape seed fields, so grand and yellow
Emit a scent, mild and mellow
In the trees at the back, the fox it lurks
For scraps of survival, nature’s perks

Gently the sun, it slips away
Bidding farewell, to a glorious day
The dusk appears, the temperature cools
Now the turn of night, for nature schools

On the distant barn, the owl assumes its perch
With beady eyes, the land does search
From river dens, the otters appear
A curious mole, he has no fear

The screeching and clipping, of the bats their wings
Nature’s way, of the songs it sings
The moon comes out, as the mist does settle
Dew is drunk, by a stinging nettle

Ant colonies take life, they go on the march
Round the base of the Oak, the Ash and the Larch
Nocturnal animals, of all shapes and sizes
Survive on the wealth of the night, and grab their prizes

Just remember one thing, nature won’t be rushed
The natural cycle, will not be crushed
Be it weeks months or years, night or day
Nature will do things, in nature’s way

The Maltese Falcon Vol VI
A Thousand Strokes

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