a poem by Adam Archer, Australia

Throughout autumn a vermilion sun emerges
Warming the morning as it materializes, at eves end,
Meanwhile soft light courses through the beclouded blue,
And steam snakes upward from percolated preparations
Amid bungled bedhead pillows
And random forenoon fables

Miles of meandering granite grey fog
Evanesce into light,
Staging abundant, rolling open spaces;
Gradient highlands that loft and lull and pitch and peak,
In brevity, rows of deciduous trees
Lay bare to apparent arched and angular arms

Tattle not at the unattired twiglike tree!
Instead delight in its trine tincture of red and orange and gold,
Discover the nesting nook hideaway of hungry nursling,
Capture the capers of the crimson rosella*
Perching and preening its fiery and florid feathers
Unwinding upon pre wintertide woodland

Unaccompanied yet tethered to a tree
Lingers a dry and demure leaf
Without contemplation of conforming
To autumn’s annual cascades;
Some frondescent pyramids huddle nether trees
Yet others favour to gambol
To the autumnal semantic song

By way of jolly rejuvenation trees regain their green,
Latent limbs sprout with outbloomed buds
Warmed by sunlit spring, an evolution –
As a brand new butterfly welcomes its wings
And waterfalls liquesce into rising, surging streams;
The quietude of nature is kindled in colour

Apart from the approaching cold winter climes
A billowy breeze beckons into a waylay wind;
A faceward flurry draught drives a distant train tempo
Rollicking over far reaching rails,
Its wistful whistle serenades a melancholic but temporary tryst,
Only to discreetly distil into a distant drawl

© Adam Archer 2016

*A rosella is a brightly coloured Australian native parrot; a bird, which lives wild or in captivity.

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