A Thousand Strokes

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Eternal weeds and dandelions
I think I should have read the signs
One way streets with no U-turns
Amazing what a person learns

When the pressure’s on and is applied
So simple how the person lied
My eyes they chose to just avoid
All honour has just been destroyed

Emotions toyed and hopes well dashed
A thousand strokes I have been thrashed
My balance and my state of mind
Sanity I cannot find

The truth is out and now revealed
All colours shown with none concealed
Tempers frayed and nerves are shredded
To hear the news that I had dreaded

Disloyalty is a criminal act
Dishonesty a gruesome fact
The break in trust is a fatal wound
On a desert island I feel marooned

Tree lined streets and avenues
Options now that I must choose
Regain my pride and head hold high
To yesterday I’ll wave goodbye

The Maltese Falcon Vol VI
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