In this sophisticated world

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

In this sophisticated world,
World of glamour and light,
I sought, for perfection and life,
I simply couldn't find it.

Neither can love be borrowed,
Nor can it be bought,
I sought it in human relations,
Yet I found its perfection in the cross.

I saw it dripping from the cross,
Blood is drip, drip, dripping,
The son lays his life for all,
Not a single soul should perish.

He lays his life for all,
You too can look to Him,
The kingdom is open for all,
Look at The cross, look at the cross.

Lay your burden down, at the cross,
Lay your worries down, at the cross,
Look for love eternal, at the cross,
He will heal you If you don't cross.

Note: Yes dear friends love in all its perfection abounds in the cross, Christ died for all of us to save us from all our sin's. When you feel that the world has lost all its attraction's then look for him who loves you.

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