She asked me

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

She asked me
If the Tsunami came to my shore,
I told her it came and went away,
She asked what did it take away,
I had no answer anyway.

It has taken away life,
Stones are intact as I found,
Once this land had humans,
Now only carcasses abound.

It came as an unwarranted act,
It came and went away,
The disaster occurred in one go,
Corpse are here to stay.

It will take time to clean up,
Maybe nearly a month,
Things will be better,
But some won't ever be heard.

Note: This poem was written in 2005 when I lost my job at Prabhu Dayal public school. The person who asked me the same knew what had happened yet I wonder why did she ask that question.
One should learn not to hurt the person who has already been shattered.

Suffocation is getting suffocated in me
Facts of life
My money can't buy
Suffocation is getting suffocated in me
All my poems
In this sophisticated world

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