“O” For October Alliteration.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

October! Outstanding omniscient, offers ostentatious orange hues;
opening eyes, often oblivious to other ordinary ochre offerings.
Obvious opportunistic opportunities open opposing opportune
occupations to occupants, occasionally occupying offices
of officious official officials! Ornithologists often openly ogle
orphaned Ospreys on occluded occasions in October.
Oldies often offend other oldsters, or ostracise overage
oddities outwardly obligated by overtly outflanking oafish,
omnipresent observers. Obedient oarsmen often overcome
obtrusive obscure objects, by overlooking or overtaking
offenders, or offensive, obliging officers. Offbeat ophthalmologists
opt out of optometry over ocular objections of Olympians.
Organic omnivores - oxen and ostriches of outstanding order,
outweigh old occidental owners, Olivia, Oliver and Orlando,
occupying outhouses in old outback oasthouses.
Obsessive octogenarian Olga’s omission, obviously
obligates Oscar and others to obtain oodles of oatmeal,
opiate optionals to operate on oysters or offal!
Oyez! October is one outstanding offbeat operational month!

Rhymer. October 21st, 2016.
(“O” for some alliterative fun!)

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