Morning prayer

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

It's God's time and I thank Him,
For the good night sleep,
For His love, I thank Him,
For protecting his sheep.

Love me the the way you love me,
Let me always know you love,
Your love is sufficient for me,
As your banner over me is love.

What more do I need to know,
Your love is sufficient every time,
Your love as radiance over me glows,
I live in your protection every time.

I live in the perfect assurance,
Dangers perish at his sight,
Not because of my Goodness
Your nature is goodness and light.

Let dangers come and perish,
Your vanguard has never failed,
Fears also in him doth perish,
In Him my dear I prevail.

I rest in His will sublime,
My defense is strongest everytime,
With Him all mountains I climb,
His protection is perfect everytime.

Note- God's time refers to morning time . Thehe scriptures say anyone who blesses his friend in the morning, it shall be counted a curse. Why because morning time belongs to God and we should thank Him and Him, alone the one who gives all good things.

Reginald Ajay Jacob

He holds the destiny of the world
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