Condemned On a Whim

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Jumping on the bandwagon, following like sheep
Aspersions cast, feelings drove deep
Accusations ran wild, pointing of fingers
Never in doubt, certainty lingers

Foundations of case, evidence shrouded
Misty and grey, overcast and clouded
Perhaps too hasty, so easy to judge
The seeds of doubt, gently do nudge

A person accused, has a situation to deal
Through innocence or guilt, the facts will reveal
Tumultuous times, heavily stressed
No stone unturned, all matters addressed

The accused fights back, on the table lays facts
Fighting the hangman, the guillotine axe
Rhetoric fierce, diligent and clear
Knowing enemies are close, far too near

He claims total innocence, reputation protect
Wishes for the audience, to listen connect
Argument is strong, and allegations are false
Not guilty he is, innocent of course

The doubters listened, did they jump feet first
Condemned on a whim, suspected the worst
Maybe the wool, was pulled over their eyes
And they had been fed, a pack of lies

Backtracking was now, the name of the game
But the accused would never, feel the same
Tarnished and harried, wounded and hurt
Disgraced in public, dragged through the dirt

His name was cleared, innocence proved
Perhaps the pain, could be gently soothed
But his heart it ached, how could people think
To go this low, he would sadly sink

So always think twice, before believing what you hear
Be propelled by facts, not the element of fear
For the damage you do, can destroy people’s lives
Like a virus rampaging, as it cuts down and scythes

The Maltese Falcon Vol VI

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