a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

I hide my feelings as people hide gold.
I burry my disappointments to deep,
Yet my buried disappointments,
From myself, I cannot conceal.

I know the place where I stand,
I know my wounds do stink,
Yet to the world smile,
Yet to the world I am pink.

I wear my smile as I wear my tie,
As I undress I am just the same,
Smile a millennium away from me,
Sorrow my perpetual domain.

You stand as an edifice of my sorrow,
The stone that crashed my heart,
I need no sympathy from inanimate,
Stones are meant to be hard.

It was a blunder that I loved you,
I expected blood out of stone,
See my hope is shattered,
My heart in pieces is blown.

Don't show me the sea,
When desert is my life,
Don't show me the water,
See my tongue is dry.

In my life water is a fiction,
Found in dreams nowhere on earth,
Thirsty my tongue for a droplet,
Red my heart as a hearth.

Note:- This poem was written in 1997.

Worshippers of power and authority
Facts of life
Every time time after time

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