a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

They parting Shadow looms so large,
No light on it can prevail ,
Ye shattered my sentiments in pieces ,
Ye have darkened all my domain.

I brought choice flowers to adore thee,
Ye choose to crush the same,
I employed all my talents to adore thee,
Ye consider it to be a shame.

I Lament the fact I adored thee,
I lament I gave you my heart,
Sweet were the smiles deception,
Hard thy heart sweetheart.

Sweet poison, sweet venom,
Ye paralyzed all my life,
Ye ate away my happiness,
Penalizing me for life.

We're those sweet smiles deception,
May be that is your style,
I fell prey to thy bullets,
That are a part of thy smile.

May be to you it was frolic,
A fact to boost of another prey,
Yet thy wounded Leigh's wounded,
Even unto this day.

It will come back to you
Facts of life
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