November Alliteration.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

November needs no naive, nebulous nor
narcisstic niceties! Nevertheless needless
negativity negates numerous, nominated
nervous nymphs and numbskulls, nightly!
November nirvana never negotiates needed
nightwear needs! Nonetheless, novel
nocturnal night-riders, and neuropathic
neophytes, need no nonsensical notes
to notify neighbours, noise is never nice!
Notwithstanding, nervous nymphomaniacs need
naughty neurotic Nuns now and then!
Nevertheless new nonstop nonsensical nomenclature,
nudges nomadic novice nuisances, into normality!
Nagged nuclear nerds and Nimrods from Namibia,
note how nervous nursemaids and nurses, nurse
nasty nursery nippers! Nothing neater nor nicer!
Next to Northern Norsemen - Norman and
Neville - with noxious nonentity nylon clad Navahoes,
Nancy, Norma and Norwegian nonagenarian Nelly
never Nishu, nag nonstop at noontime, as nude
nosey-parker numismatists, noticing November’s
notorious novelette notions, nose newsy newspapers
neatly next door! Normally nominating November,
is a nettlesome, nonsensical nonpareil niche! No?

Rhymer. November 3rd, 2016.

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