Happiness, A Choice.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

You can wake up each morning,
Full of doom and dread.
You can spend too much time,
With negativity in your head.

Will that accomplish anything at all,
Will it help your day go by.
I doubt it very much,
So why not give positivity a try.

You can worry too much,
About unimportant things.
With a little hope you can deal,
With whatever life brings.

Whether you're happy or sad,
May not change what is wrong.
But it's not much use being fragile,
Better to tolerate and be strong.

Even when you are troubled,
Finding things hard to face.
Things are sure to get better,
By the help of Gods grace.

Emotions playing on your mind,
Humbled by kindness you undertake.
A degree of contentment may just help,
Happiness is a choice, only you can make.

Copyright Mark Ainslie 2016.

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