Opinions Count

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Are we going back to the future, or going forward to the past
Building progressively, or standing steadfast
Two steps forward, a giant step for mankind
Falling back in our tracks, a purpose to find

Referenda have happened, with elections still to come
Millions of votes, a simple rule of thumb
The winner is the winner, the loser must accept
Will sleeping dogs lye, will anyone have slept

Radical proposals, a kick in the teeth
For the established elite, time bomb underneath
The cry of the people, been heard loud and clear
Peace in our time, or days filled with fear

Is it breakfast at Hillary’s, caviar on toast
A million e-mails, she’s sure not to boast
Or is it lunch at Donald’s, with a cool sirloin steak
Where hands may wander, not for a handshake

Then over the pond, we had ‘You call me Dave’
Called the referendum, stupid or brave
He was up against Nigel, and the three musketeers
Cigarette in hand, and a lover of beers

When the people speak, they shouldn’t be ignored
Whether minor or humble, a duke or a lord
Opinions count, and they can always be moulded
And those aloof, can always be scolded

So when the vote is cast, come Election Day
Whatever persuasion, or political sway
Forget not those who have suffered, have been disenfranchised
They will have studied your brief, and you analysed

Corbyn or May, Clinton or Trump
Whoever whatever, that you choose to plump
It’s a fair appraisal, the difference ain’t much
They’re away with the fairies, so far out of touch

The Maltese Falcon Vol VII
The Poetical Court

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