nevermore nevermore - a poem taped to the storm

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Nevermore, nevermore,
a poem nailed to the door
silent, like before, throughout his pages
within, without, how the devil came about
but a dream, and mine: to humbly shout
instant cyclonic rages, I feel not regret, have lived
much too long to forget, know not dreams
not screams, nor the empty well kept cages
see not wings, as they soar, I'm the rain, as it pours
I wade, through these nights, days: nevermore

Within, within, a dollar for my sin, a pie
for my curds, and Hellish whey
bent by slight, night, we fight
clouds, fill the day, he bleeds my senses
finishes sentences, knows no greed nor embellishes
these fears, filling need, a dirty crack, on my glistening
window pane, wearily, do I wane, grow not vain
am not listening
go, remain, I ask not, and for what? like a shot
I have given, all I've got, and for him, give nevermore

He's the world, on my threshold, every dream, does he cuckold
an Eminem rapper wannabe, an overgrown, giant mini-me
dancing, oh so prancing, look, ya gotta see, a quick kip, and he's gone
I know not hours, to love or mourn, his soul is forever still
yet reborn, doesn't break, shake, neither bends nor mends, where
oh where: does it end? should it be, up to thee, I would row
far under galaxy, out to sea, listen to the moon, spoon, the tide
hide, where waves, slave, as I wave, to the shore, and the sand
in the wind, I am time, kicking in the door, alas, we travel
not by compass, nor suns' flames, upon the reef, do we sail
as a man, nor son of Dale: nevermore..

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