Johnny and Sadie

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Johnny he walked down the street, and that’s when he saw Sadie
Stopped to take a second glance, that’s when their eyes they met
He dreamed this girl that he would meet, she was the perfect lady
Thought it’s time to take a chance, to use his etiquette

He saw that she was laden down, and quickly he walked over
Came close to her and quietly asked, love do you need a hand
She looked at him and warmly said, you are a Casanova
Joy he never could have masked, it was going as he planned

She offered him a cigarette, and he nodded with approval
Conversation it did start, it was slow with to begin
Said to him she did regret, his help in her removal
And if he had a change of heart, it wasn’t a terrible sin

He looked at her with some surprise, but love where are you going
She stared at him and shook her head, she really wasn’t sure
Looking at each other’s eyes, emotions they were flowing
But Johnny was so certain, of this he wanted more

He took the lead and courage grew, come on we’ll go to my home
And with a very simple shrug, there’s plenty of spare room
She said to him in words not few, I’m single and all alone
He gave her a hug, and smelt her sweet perfume

He put the key into the door, and welcomed her to his place
She threw her arms around his neck, he responded just the same
Slowly with her deep red lips, she kissed him upon his face
No chance of him a nervous wreck, and lovers they became

Three weeks later chose to marry, in a church at Gretna Green
Two strangers asked to witness, a whirlwind mystery
And all because he asked to carry, the heavy bags he’d seen
True love it came together, and the rest is history

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