The Orphan

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Those whispering voices, hid behind them closed doors
The noise became great, and the words I did hate
I’m left with no choices, a world full of flaws
So soon have the date, where we’d all know my fate

Looked over my shoulders, not sure what I’d see
Nerves were all shredded, was this what I dreaded
Paper filled folders, they would all guarantee
Direction embedded, but I must stay cool-headed

Walked in my direction, step by step they approached
How did they find, would be cruel or be kind
Not a hint of affection, just like the poacher who poached
The papers were signed, all rules underlined

My parents were long gone, pure orphan was I
My life was so grim, and my chances were slim
Workhouse liaison, much wanted goodbye
Survive life and limb, would I sink or swim

Housemaster he ordered, commanded so fierce
Instructions he’d scream, a nightmare bad dream
On madness he bordered, my eardrums he’d pierce
Always blaspheme, a nasty regime

That night I’d decide, it was time to set sail
In London I was told, there were streets paved with gold
With no one to confide, my plan must prevail
Time to be bold, escape break the mould

The journey was long, and my feet felt the force
But soon the London light, did come into sight
I knew I wasn’t wrong, right decision of course
But I’d see overnight, things weren’t black and white

No gold on the streets, and no place to live
London was alive, with pace and did thrive
Not many treats, and not a place to forgive
But I did arrive, and would surely survive

Like a lamb to slaughter, the trip of a lifetime
Elements endure, as London did lure
Through hell and high water, a mountain to climb
Prevention and cure, from a life so impure

Anything is achievable, if you have the desire
Don’t be threatened, into coming second
Good times retrievable, fight fire with fire
They had not reckoned, that London beckoned

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