So many tears I have dried

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

So many a tears have I dried,
They would have filed,
Seven whole seas,
If only I had cried.

Weight of all anchors,
Is on me just tied and,
I carry the burned,
As situations doth try.

Let this burden be the last one,
My soul that cry,
Yet he my metal doth try,
As men bye and bye I try.

Refiner of gold I pray the,
Refine, refine, refine,
Not in accordances to my will,
But as ye wish define.
R. A. Jacob
Note:- This poem was written at the time of great despair,yet you will find ultimate submission to the will of the Lord. I know that God takes us through fiery trials to further refine us. He makes us pass through trials yet we are never alone.

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