BABY BOOM – For baby Julia

a poem by Adam Archer, Australia

Thine arrival hadst outshone an unclouded fair day,
Perhaps thy presence had indeed blight brumes away,
Where florals in full bloom spring and sunflowers splay;
A family tree newcomer as a sunshine ray

Sparrows on windows perch amid thy dreamy sleep,
Thus duly awaiting thy nascent mewling seep,
Come nightfall a billion stars have thy vigils keep,
May pure white lambs swaddle thee in flannel-like heap

With this boon granted and the overture fine-tuned,
Hear the soft lullabies from parents thou hast swooned,
With each breath this bundle has folk’s hearts well ballooned,
Through doting acclaim thou hast bonds warmly festooned

Rest with mother little one, dandle in arms hers,
In time thou shalt be raised ‘pon daddy’s shoulders,
And should life abound with merrymaking friendships,
Prosper, learn, athrill with high reaching fingertips

© Adam Archer 2016

*Written in iambic hexameter, a 12 syllabic line of verse. Structure is modelled on Victor Hugo’s relaxed, non-traditional medial caesura.

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