He Had No Guilt

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

They turned their backs, on the Democrats
Hillary and Co, swept away
They chose to plump, for Donald Trump
The electorate, had their say

Commentators rocked, the world was shocked
The polls, did not predict
But America had spoken, about a system broken
Democrats, severely kicked

They started to ask, how fail this task
To an absolute, rank outsider
Trump had engaged, and even upstaged
To an audience appealed, much wider

The future was bleak, no jobs to seek
Industry, down on its knees
Trump campaigned, for the rustbelt aimed
What he said to them, did please

Trump also tackled, clearly unshackled
The stigma, about immigration
Though some called him wrong, through rhetoric strong
He commanded, great admiration

Contentious when speaking, often critiquing
Failed policies, from the Democrat stall
He promised Muslims refused, and don’t be confused
Brick by brick, he would build that wall

He had no guilt, as they must be rebuilt
Industries, that had been destroyed
Increased foreign labour, to Mexico neighbour
Many jobs had there, been deployed

The media turned, effigy burned
But Trump, he somehow excelled
The voters in queues, many held private views
From women, the vote it swelled

Trump was the victor, for he had been stricter
In playing to, public demand
He said the right thing, much hope he did bring
And soon he stood, in command

Times were hard, and they were battle-scarred
No better time, for a change
For prosperity build, the workplace filled
A new chapter, let Trump arrange

So for those who moan, who constantly groan
I say look back, at the last eight years
The people cried, and so defied
Political, profiteers

A new track was sought, and Trump they bought
Be honest, Obama he failed
Hillary came, not up to the game
So President Trump, prevailed

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