My silence started speaking to me

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

My silence started speaking to me,
It said why are you so quiet,
I said I keep on speaking,
No he said you are always quite.

I am quiet you are right,
For I speak just half,
Brightening the brighter,
Hiding the dark.

You are right I am quite,
But if I speak who will hear,
Half is the trend of the age,
Half is what the world can bear.

I have started talking to you you,
Ye whom humans fear
In the midst of the crowd,
You are so near.

You are better than the treacherous,
You are better than my friends,
Who keep on changing vestures, Every now and then.

When I seek to you , It echoes
When I speak to you,I can hear,
I can't open my heart to all ,
None to me is so dear.

Note: - Utter grief of this poem forbade me. Not to give a proper explanation to this poem . But now I open my heart to you. The poem talks about a situation where nobody is willing to talk to a person as the person has already lost his job. This happens many times in life, that when we should get sympathy from people we get cold shoulder. I wish that none of you may experience such a situation. The poem was written at spring Dale's when I was a teacher teaching in that school.

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