They are making a fun of my grief

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

They are making a fun of my grief,
Saying you appear so tense,
They know the reality ,
They are the ones who pretend,

My condition is that of a lizard,
Half dead and half alive,
People like ants are biting,
As I am being robbed of my life.

Pain is so much I can't express,
What if these ants also bite,
Any way I am to be robbed of life.

Eat me away, Eat me alive,
Every body has an appetite,
I anyway I am of some use,
Whether dead or alive.

Note:- This poem was written way back 2005. Today I thank God for bringing me out of it all. Yes dear friends pain is always unbearable. Yet God gives us grace to bear it all.

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