A Weather System

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The storm moves in, on a menacing scale
Nature with force, does surely prevail
The wind and the rain, they whip and they lash
A weather system, almighty crash

The trees they bow, almost courteous in style
Rivers become, a fierce volatile
Debris goes flying, so duck and avoid
A weather system, peace destroyed

Flooding takes place, and car turns to boat
Like something from Venice, on our streets do float
The house with window, is now house with porthole
A weather system, no control

The greenest of meadows, they no longer flower
Lights go out, it’s cut off the power
Darkness ensues, lit just by the moon
A weather system, nothing’s immune

People take flight, evacuate
Prompt is the action, before it’s too late
Houses are left, unprotected alone
A weather system, future unknown

The paramedics, doctors and nurses
Firemen fight, all of the curses
That the storm has born, cutely delivers
A weather system, ghastly shivers

Police patrol, as looters lurk
Their aim to wipe, away their smirk
Smash and grab, and do arrest
A weather system, real tempest

Isobars move, pressure release
The storm moves out, no more does cease
The aftermath such, a sorry state
A weather system, no featherweight

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