Tensions Came

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

When we were young, we would go and play
From the early sunrise, for the rest of the day
Meeting with friends, in far away places
No need to worry, of any strange faces

We would cross the rivers, climb the trees
Basically do, just as we please
Play all sorts of sport, and do without eat
Hang around the shops, at the end of the street

We would get muddy, and never expect
But you know above all, we would always respect
Our elders and folk, who you always knew
A neighbourhood feeling, steadily grew

Perhaps knock down ginger, or run outs was great
Kiss a girl, or hug a mate
To music listen, and sing a song
Oh how it’s changed, just what went wrong

There were no knives, or street gunfights
We were not scared, to go out at nights
Then all of a sudden, the world it changed
And children’s lives, were rearranged

Weariness grew, and suspicion arose
Sign of the times, I do suppose
People no longer, were safe and secure
Tensions came, they became unsure

Suddenly mums, became obsessed
Fathers to friends, sadly confessed
That all was not right, we must take care
Society’s changed, become aware

Schools are now guarded, and playgroups are checked
Innocence destroyed, it has been wrecked
Wandering off, or playing out alone
Is no longer responsible, we cannot condone

People traffickers, paedophiles and drugs
Typical face, of all these thugs
That will destroy the life, of an innocent child
A practice by all, that is reviled

But this is centuries old, has happened for years
By supposed adults, to their children peers
It’s just now today, where the media’s taken hold
We can drive this evil, into the cold

But sadly today, for whatever reason
An adult applies, to child treason
Children should be allowed, to live and breathe
Parents should never, have to grieve

Quite simply this, children protect
If you are worried, or do suspect
Call the police, put a stop to this
Don’t let a child, childhood miss

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