Men In White Coats....Part I

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

In a spiralling world, I had no choice
But to take the orders, from that voice
Hour upon hour, every day I dread
A controlling influence, buried in my head

I wake up in a trance, go to sleep in a daze
Following orders, through every phase
Lost all control, I’m programmed to follow
Independence it’s gone, my mind is hollow

Screaming galore, shouting divine
Direction given, a pointed sign
The demons within, their orders dictate
From early morning, to evening late

Leaving the house, in public I walk
Ignore all the people, I don’t want to talk
They’re looking at me, what are they saying
Eyes of attrition, wolves they’re preying

I snap and strike out, with anger I speak
Serious now, no tongue in cheek
My eyes are bulging, and my hands are shaking
A troubled man, there is no mistaking

Suddenly retraction, into my tortoise shell
A place alone, where only I can dwell
I vacate the street, having changed to a hare
Before white men in coats, come to snare

Back into my house, take a seat in a chair
Echoes of the voice, surround everywhere
Instructions are given, mission complete
Like a soldier to attention, I jump to my feet

The crime I commit, is to gruesome to write
Candle once burned, but now there’s no light
Just a skeleton in skin, I hear the voice
I have no control, and I have no choice

I’m a schizophrenic, and it’s help that’s needed
Normal boundaries, I have exceeded
Trouble to myself, a danger to all
Continues the voice, in my head to call

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