Woman should raise her voice

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Woman should raise her voice,
When justice to even one is denied,
Hands that rock the cradle,
Should not be justice denied.

Family the cradle of virtue,
Is made by you my dear,
Why shouldn't you stand for the truth,
Why should you live in fear.

Stand up speak out,
Speak and it shall be heard,
Speak for the world needs a voice,
Or you will be led as a herd.

Forget the boundaries of me and mine,
Rise up the world is thine,
When you stand up for principles,
Then this world be just fine.

Note: This poem is about how women can bring the much needed change that the society needs. It may be difficult for her today to change the world in one go, yet as she rocks the cradle she can bring the much needed change.

I am not to be burnt
Where is India
Some things won't ever be known
All my poems
I cried to the Lord in my anguish

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