Ye make these Ashes to burn

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Ye make these ashes to burn my dear,
Ye make this human to yearn
Ye make me strive for a goal,
Which I can't ever earn.

If it was something impossible
I'm sure I would have won it for you,
Yet winning thy hearts castle
My love I can't ever do.

Doors of thy castle are closed on me
I've waited, since an age,
these doors are as good as steep walls,
for they won't ever deviate.

I turn from human to ashes
From plant to dried out bush
This body now remains lifeless
For my heart my love ye took.

Ashes and ashes is all that I find,
There's no sign of life anywhere
Yet even these ashes will come to life,
If only my love ye care.

Love is in the air
Romantic poems
At His footstool
All my poems
I am not to be burnt

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