let me tell you something

a poem by Sinaso Pamela Mxakaza, South Africa

i promised myself i was going to love you
but baby my heart is heavy
so forgive me my flaws
sometimes I cannot breath

I wrote my short term goals in the breaths you take
felt like i should crawl into your skin and imprint myself into your soul
build the foudation of home on your tongue so everytime you speak you open dialouges with my heart

i told you our kids would have beautiful eyes
dazzling smiles
i said prayers for you
the gods made me crazy
maybe Zeus or cupid
lured me into this voodoo
your love drives me wild
You are my dreams
in the land of woke minds

we live in these rush hours
these tweet me later times
but let me tell you something

Bob Marley asked the right question and thats whatsup...

your eyes
Our children have nomadic eyes
come home to yourself

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