We're All Made Of The Same Stuff

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The stars in the sky, shine like diamonds at night
The snow on the tops, of the mountains so white
The birds fly with grace, as the eagles take flight
The gas lamps are lit, by warm candlelight

Christmas is coming, and the choristers sing
The three wise men, great gifts will bring
Mistletoe beckons, romance and fling
Twelve days of Christmas, about to begin

Celebration and beer, presents exchanged
Dad becomes chef, dinner arranged
A family as one, all around the table
Because of what happened, in that stable

Hugs and kisses, over glass of mulled wine
Grateful that all, are safe and fine
Children they smile, their face full of glee
Christmas a time, to be happy

Priests and the vicars, sermons they hold
The story of Christmas, pleasantly told
A time to give, and a time to share
But for those without, we should be aware

After dinner I go, for a welcome stroll
And I spy a man, on a downward roll
He’s sitting alone, in a shop doorway
Cold and hungry, with not much to say

I stop and talk, and ask how he is
It’s clear that he, did Christmas miss
Can’t help myself, would you like something to eat
From me to him, a Christmas treat

I saw his embarrassment, possibly humbled
As he tried to reply, something mumbled
Nobody should, on Christmas day be alone
It cost nothing at all, for care to be shown

He came back with me, had some dinner to eat
Spoke with friends, many people did meet
His cheeks glowed red, and the warmth returned
A message to all, this should be learned

A little help, is a wonderful thing
We never know, what the future will bring
But above all else, we should offer some hope
To those at Christmas, unable to cope

Find a space in your heart, a gap in your mind
Create the time, and to someone be kind
We’re all human beings, made of the same stuff
No one at Christmas, should be left in the rough

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