Harmony And Peace.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

Harmony And Peace.

The world we live in, tarnished with despair,
Troubled people think no one will care.
Fleeing from unstable madness taking place,
Anxiety and fear etched on their face.

Cannot imagine their desperate plight,
Trying to survive, with help they just might.
Families fragmented and ripped apart,
Eagerly craving a chance of a new start.

Ravenous hunger, and feeling so cold,
No mercy shown to either young or old.
Seeking sanctuary a safe place to rest,
Fragile minds being put to the test.

Homelands in ruins, no place to call home,
No remorse or regret for hostilities shown.
Their troubled mind must be out of control,
Ever worrying what the future may hold.

Their plight they are in, is not their choice,
Forced upon them, they have no voice.
I wish one day the carnage would cease,
People could live in harmony and peace.

Copyright Mark Ainslie 2016.

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