To the New Year Ahead

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

As we look to the new year ahead,
Fill it with promise, not with dread…

Now it’s time to make a new list,
And not look back on what we missed.
Focus on the things we did well
Those we completed, ‘fore we fell.
Of the journeys we undertook,
Vowing we’d win by hook or crook.
Pledge to go forward, not look back.
Make fresh footsteps on a new track…

"I will be kinder, and be fair,
And for my friends, always be there.
Words will be spoken, without hate
And I vow to let anger abate.
With helping hand for those in need,
Try to banish my want and greed.
Accept my fate, for it will come
Perhaps for me, sadly for some."

All one can do is hope, and pray
With God’s hand, live another day.

* I wish everyone on VN a very Healthy, Happy, and Peaceful New Year, full of beautiful poetry to fill your soul.

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