A True Legend

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

A legend, taken far too soon
He would write the lyrics, create the tune
A normal person, both feet on the ground
Unique the talent, terrific sound

He gave us freedom, on Tropicana Beach
Message within, the songs would teach
Provided laughter, immersed in style
To all the girls, a lovely smile

He spun the wheel, when leading his life
But musically, as sharp as knife
Healing the pain, he gave one more try
A careless whisper, would make you cry

Outside the world, on a different corner
He felt the heat, like steam from sauna
His love he lost, Jesus to a child
Faith worn down, he just went wild

Public toilets, smoking dope
Had he given, up on hope
But back he came, with an amazing track
No rolling stone, the Papa’s back

He fell out of cars, crashed into shops
His collar was felt, arrested by cops
Head in a spin, couldn’t give a damn
This was the boy, the man from Wham!

George could write, and boy he could sing
To kids of the eighties, he did happiness bring
He sang from the heart, with that soulful voice
Name his best tune, a difficult choice

He wasn’t pretentious, and he never forgot
Friends and family, a must be slot
To charities gave, but kept it quiet
His last Christmas, on Christmas night


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