When your heart is split

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Home is where the heart is,
That’s how the saying goes
But when your heart is split
Neither side knows where it flows

Love runs through your veins
It’s the life source to your being
But when your heart is split
Your blood soon begins thinning

Grasping to reality, focusing love
Attempting to set your roots
But when your heart is split
It’s hard to steady the blood

Dizziness sets in
The physical isn’t real
Because when your heart is split
Memories you cannot steal

Your living two lives
Both real but equally both fake
Unable to commit to either
That was the first mistake

Your pulse is getting weaker
As you’re stretched between the two
One in which your happy
The other in which you’re true

When your heart is split
It’s not just the physical ache
But the shortness of breath
When you’re not able to wake

The realisation that you can’t hold on
You have to let one go
For when your heart is split
There is no room for you to grow

The only way to stop it
Is to show who you really are
Stop living separate lives
Stop living from afar

When your heart is split
It seems all hope is gone
But with a few little stitches
You’ll see that you were wrong.

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