Lacking focus

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

So many words
I don’t know which ones to use
Many I don’t understand
How am I ever going to choose?
They all sound so good
But I’m guessing most are irrelevant
I’d probably have more success
Bathing a baby elephant

What a silly idea
Go to uni I thought
There I’ll be better
If only I could be taught
But the information
It won’t stay in my head
In one ear out the other
I’m sure you’ve heard it said

Trying so hard
But it doesn’t make sense
The words are all jumbled
I find myself sitting on the fence
Do I continue this madness?
Or is it time to move on
I tried it out, wasn’t for me
But now my moments gone

I’m sure if I tried
Harder than before
I would achieve something great
But motivations out the door
I’m easily distracted
This poem is one example
The planning stage is done
But still it’s not quite ample

I suppose my problem is
I’m feeling discontent
I should have started earlier
But now my time is spent
I want to see the world
And not just in a book
But instead I chose to study
It suddenly feels like a hook

It’s about the bigger picture
That I realise
But it makes it no easier
When I long for the skies
To see the stars, shining bright
In the darkness of the cold night
To feel the earth underfoot
As I stroll in daylight

I long to be free to travel the world
But instead I’m committed here
Four years is so long
Not shortened by a tear
You see trying to do well
Whilst yearning for more
It’s hard to stay focused
When you’re wondering what for

Here I am
Times of Struggle
The slave girl

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