An Indelible Stain

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

With a heart as cold as that of a witch
And a passion as chilling as ice
A business that makes him filthy rich
In a gangster’s paradise

Patrolling the streets their eyes are peeled
As they search for the vulnerable type
Hooked and caught slowly inward reeled
The trade of the guttersnipe

In cars driven off with alcohol plied
Sometimes it’s drugs and worse
Brainwashed too they’ve truly been lied
Law to the pimp and his curse

In a room they’re thrown like bedraggled doll
A light bulb does dimly glow
It’s only day one already the toll
As dignity away does flow

More drugs come along with wine
In the bloodstream it soon sets sail
Vision is blurred the future not fine
Skin is punctured and pale

People they come and people they go
Taking turns like a player on game
Beaten and driven blow-by-blow
No life will be the same

Then suddenly enough is enough
They’re lost and worth no more
It’s in with the new and out with the rough
As they’re thrown out the back door

Crumbled and beaten hallucinating
Life leaves the body too fast
Spasms and pain body gyrating
Not the first and won’t be the last

The filth that pedals this perilous pain
Needs stopping and must be caught
On innocence an indelible stain
This evil it must be fought

A True Legend
The Maltese Falcon Vol VII
From Centuries of Old

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