Bargain Bin ( What my father told me)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I wanted to share with you today about what
my Dad told me.

It happen on a Monday, or maybe it was a Sunday,
it really doesn't matter. It was a day I wanted
to share a piece of my heart with my family. As I
had met my new love, and a tiny seed had began
to grow between us.

This was very special lady who reminded me of
snow white, her beauty plain to see.
A princess with such great quality.
I invited her dinner for everyone to see.

I'm not sure who showed up as she became like Dr. Jekyll,
and Mr. Hide. She had so many personalities, and no manners
as soon it would be plain to see.

We sat down to dinner as turkey drifted in the air, making
our mouths water. That is when we heard three popping sounds,
as if a balloon had broken,
It began to smell so awful, and reminded me of rotten eggs.
She turned to my sister who sat next to her, and blamed her, as
she turned bright red.

She played a after dinner game of cowboys and Indians with my
younger brother, and tied him to a tree.

Then she climb the fence between ours and a neighbors yard and
we heard a huge splash, as she went skinny dipping in the cool water.
As sand paper rough bumps formed on her skin, the phone begin to ring
off the hook. And we all knew this was a moment that would not soon
be forgotten.

My Dad pulled me to the side and told me the greatest part of beauty
cannot be brought in any store. It shines from the inside and brings
force a positive expression to the outside.
That I had just learned a very important lesson, the importants of shopping

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