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My dog Bear is our newest member of our family, we try not to say dog cause that
would ruin his reality. He always comes to my rescue with his paw out and his heart
too. He's got more love than the whole state of New York and he's an expert at eating
from a fork. When death is in the air and he should smell it he will just howl, if a stranger
approaches he will stare and then growl. Birds can get on his last nerve as he chases
them and falls in the mud, the last place he wanted to be is in the bath with soap suds!
As far as shots and nail trims he doesn't have much of a choice, but I know he might
complain if he had a voice. One time he was choking and he started to turn blue, I was
scared and in shock and didn't know what to do. Suddenly I felt a presence in the room,
I couldn't see in the dark and the gloom. Then Bear coughed up part of a bone, I was so
happy he was alive and I wasn't alone. I think that an angel might have spared Bear's
life that night, I prayed and thanked God that he was going to be alright. When I'm sad or
frustrated he senses it and doesn't get in my way, but anything can happen if you live in LA.
He loves to play ball more than any dog I have ever owned, he'll insist you keep playing even when you're on the phone. When he sleeps when he eats the ball never leaves his
side, when you go to the store the ball goes for the ride. Life hasn't been the same since
Bear came into mine, I know I've been blessed cause he's one of a kind.

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